Your Choice of My Artwork

This post is dedicated to the supporters of my project Face It, who were able to donate 100 euros toward the editing of my book. (You can find my books on Amazon here). I will also be working the next five months on another thirty paintings, so if you'd like to wait to make your … Continue reading Your Choice of My Artwork


Exhibition: ALIVE

L'artiste americaine Erin Lynne, en partenariat avec Sabine Bernasconi, Madame le Maire du 1er et 7e arrondissements de Marseille, vous invite au vernissage ALIVE le 7 JEUDI septembre 2017. Le 7 JEUDI septembre 2017 de 18h a 22h. 328 rue d'Endoume 13007 Marseille, chez "Les Journaux".   A la carte: tableaux, photos, vidéos et livres. … Continue reading Exhibition: ALIVE