Behind a Face Exhibition

Le 20 mai, 2016 de 19h a 22h Ou: Les journaux; 328 rue d'Endoume 13007, Marseille Behind a Face Ce n’est qu’une façade, le visage. On se cache derrière cette façade, une apparence qui comprend des regards communicatifs soigneusement appris. On apprend l’angle parfait de cette façade lors d’une séance de photographie. On apprend comment … Continue reading Behind a Face Exhibition


The Boy with a Tic

"I was told it was too early and that my baby would not survive.” I am not a mother and cannot not truly know how terrible it must be to lose a child; I did, however, suffer a near death experience and when I saw the pain in my parents eyes, I understood just how … Continue reading The Boy with a Tic